Top 10 misteaks of July

From disastrous menus to hilarious toilet signs: these were the ten funniest misteaks in July!

10. The temptation of Christ?

With thanks to Barbara Ruis!

9. Meh.

8. Look who got a brand-new jacket.

With thanks to Robert Gort!

7. One step forward, two steps back.

With thanks to Bob Kane and Marco Huggles!

6. A picture is worth a thousand words.

5. I think my grandma would love a good rub down.

With thanks to K.L.!

4. Decided by majority vote.

3. Don’t give me that storey.

2. We don’t need no education.

1. Customer service isn’t what it used to be.

With thanks to Mart Tiggelman!

Enjoy more misteaks or send in your own.  


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Column: Tutoyeren

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